Terms and Conditions
What is restricted to send?

Please note that all shipments of personal goods MUST NOT contain any of the following items without being declared to TEZPARCEL and pre-arrangements being made to transport them safely and in accordance with IATA/ICAO dangerous goods regulations.

–Lithium Ion Batteries and items containing lithium ion batteries (e.g. Mobile Phones/Laptop Computers/Cordless power tools)
–Petrol or diesel powered equipment with residue of fuel (e.g. generators, chainsaws etc.) -Aerosols ( e.g. deodorant sprays)
–Flammable liquids (e.g. perfumes/paint)
–Flammable solids (e.g. matches)
–Flammable gases (e.g. lighter fuel)
–Corrosive Material (e.g. acid/car batteries)
–Explosive materials (e.g. fireworks)
–Infectious substances
–Magnetised material
–Radioactive material

It is an offence by international law to ship the above goods without being correctly packed, marked and declared to the airline and offenders may be subject to heavy fines. Any shipments containing the above without being declared will not be despatched.

–The following items are prohibited and will not be accepted in shipments of personal goods.
–Controlled Drugs
–Anything made of endangered species (e.g. Ivory)
–Live animals
–Fresh food/meat